Bürgerpark Büdingen

As part of the State Garden Show Oberhessen 2027, new and existing park areas will be redesigned in the four municipalities of Büdingen, Echzell, Gedern and Bad Salzhausen. The parks will make an essential and long-term contribution to the quality of life in the four municipalities. In the realisation competition, our design was awarded first prize for the parks in Echzell and Gedern, and third prize for the park in Büdingen.
The open meadow centre of the Bürgerpark Büdingen is framed by a loose, partly powerful tree frame and structured in its contours. Scaled park spaces, varied spatial sequences and independent atmospheres are created in the park sections. The programme is integrated into the robustly designed framework, and the centre of the meadow remains open for use by all. With its generous opening to the shore and the inviting park centres, Bürgerpark becomes an attractive open space for citizens and guests of the city.  A differentiated network of paths provides barrier-free access to the extensive Bürgerpark for different speeds and experiences.