Hegelplatz, Berlin

One of the places perceived only “in passing”. Also, one of the valuable public open spaces in the dense Berlin district of Dorotheenstadt. The suggested concept is a cautious further development of Hegelplatz: The existing spatial separation into a framed field and an “adjacent” square will be dissolved. The characteristic tree frame made up of Corylus corluna, supplemented with rearranged and newly planted trees will encompass the entire square as one space in the future. The grass tableau extended towards the south will be bordered by a uniformly high-quality material promenade with plenty of lingering facilities. A precisely placed path will continue the diagonal crossings. The margins of the square will be fashioned in a permeable and inviting way. The meticulously crafted “abundance of forms” of the façades in the immediate as well as extended vicinity inspired the creation of three sculptures for the square. They are intended as a “condensate” of the Dorotheenstadt district and its buildings as well as monuments. From the equestrian statue of Frederick the Great to the Schlossbrücke to the Hegel monument to the well-frequented free-standing “forgotten” table tennis table. The three sculptures, table, basin and arch, will serve as characteristic places on Hegelplatz in the future. Link to the projectpage